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    The following practice tests are at B2 level: The ability to express oneself in a limited way in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with nonroutine information.All practice tests at this level
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    Level C: Đề 27

    1. Good ________! I hope you win. (A) chance (B) luck (C) run (D) sort 2. The police-officer asked us what ________ doing. (A) we had (B) we were (C) we did (D) would we 3. She decided to go to the enquiry desk ________ out when her train left. (A) finding (B) to find (C) for finding (D) for find 4. The Home-Loan Company ________ the right to cancel this agreement. (A) reserves (B) conserves (C) serves (D) deserves 5. Just as we were sitting down for the picnic...

    Level C: Đề 26

    1. The customs officer made her ________ her suitcase. (A) unpacking (B) unpack (C) to unpack (D) that she unpack 2. My doctor will not let me ________ animal fats any more. (A) to eat (B) eating (C) eat (D) to eating 3. - Barbara: It's curious that Roy can't ski better. - Leo: I know. By the end of the month, he ________ lessons for a full month. (A) will have (B) will be having (C) has been having (D) will have been having 4. ________ the terrible weather,...

    Level C: Đề 25

    1. The vase is definitely not ________, but just a very good imitation. (A) real (B) factual (C) genuine (D) true 2. A wedding is a wonderful opportunity for ________ off new clothes. (A) wearing (B) carrying (C) showing (D) putting 3. These figures show a ________ in the number of unemployed people in England and Wales. (A) loss (B) lessening (C) reduction (D) lowering 4. You'll need a visa ________ as your passport to go to the United States. (A) moreover (B) in addition (C) as well (D) besides ...

    Level C: Đề 24

    1. I don't ________ what people think about the way I dress. (A) matter (B) care (C) attend (D) concern 2. Everyone ________ from Andrew has accepted our invitation. (A) except (B) instead (C) apart (D) away 3. After going for a long walk in the morning everyone ________ very hungry at lunch-time. (A) has (B) was (C) made (D) got 4. I haven't seen the film yet and ________. (A) Dorothy has neither (B) neither saw Dorothy (C) neither has Dorothy (D) neither Dorothy 5. Steak for breakfast and...

    Level C: Đề 23

    1. This ticket ________ one person to the museum. (A) permits (B) admits (C) enters (D) allows 2. I must tell you about my ________ when I first arrived in London. (A) incidents (B) happenings (C) experiences (D) events 3. It's the ________ in this country for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. (A) common (B) custom (C) habit (D) normal 4. ________ people go to football matches now than twenty years ago. (A) Less (B) Lesser (C) Fewer (D) Few 5. Jenny and her sister...

    Level C: Đề 22

    1. Because the picture was not genuine, it was completely ________. (A) worthless (B) invaluable (C) priceless (D) valuable 2. Please would you ________ me where the railway station is. (A) say (B) explain (C) tell (D) point 3. You'll have to use the stairs: the lift is out of ________. (A) work (B) repair (C) order (D) running 4. British Leyland is aiming to push ________ its share of UK car sales to 25% over the next two years. (A) up (B) out (C) on (D) through 5. They...

    Level C: Đề 21

    1. Your behaviour makes me ________. (A) anger (B) angrily (C) angry (D) in danger 2. The price of the meal ________ a service charge. (A) encloses (B) enters (C) envelopes (D) includes 3. This ________ invention of yours should make you rich. (A) genial (B) talented (C) genius (D) ingenious 4. There were so ________ people in the queue for tickets that I missed the train. (A) many (B) few (C) little (D) much 5. Many people think that Robert Redford is a ________-looking actor. (A) well (B) better ...

    Level C: Đề 20

    1. On the first morning of our camping holiday, I woke up covered in mosquito ________. (A) stings (B) pricks (C) bites (D) scratches 2. "Dickie, pointing ________ people is rude," Betty told her son. (A) to (B) at (C) on (D) out 3. Mr White ________ the company in the way he wanted to. (A) owned (B) ruled (C) commanded (D) ran 4. He ________ the headwaiter about the slow service. (A) complained (B) argued (C) questioned (D) disputed 5. My brother is much better than I am ________...

    Level C: Đề 19

    1. You can learn as much theory as you like, but you only master a skill by ________ it a lot. (A) practicing (B) training (C) exercising (D) doing 2. I'm afraid a rise in salary is ________ just now. (A) out of sight (B) out of control (C) out of date (D) out of the question 3. I'll ________ the children for you while you are out. (A) look after (B) look for (C) look on (D) look out 4. John and Barbara ________ to get married in St...

    Level C: Đề 18

    1. He was afraid of losing his suitcase so he tied a ________ on it on which he had written his name and address. (A) badge (B) mark (C) label (D) notice 2. I am not sure, but ________ I know he has decided to accept the new job in London. (A) according (B) on the whole (C) as far as (D) as long as 3. I enjoy working as his secretary, but he is such a perfectionist that it's ________. (A) exhausting (B) exhaustive (C) fatigued (D) sleepy 4....

    Level C: Đề 17

    1. The new factory must be finished ________ as the profitability of the company depends on it. (A) on time (B) in times (C) at time (D) for a time 2. The colour of the handle does not ________ so long as it is the right size. (A) worry (B) affect (C) concern (D) matter 3. We went to the railway station to ________ our friends ________. (A) see off (B) see out (C) set out (D) tell goodbye 4. He shouldn't be allowed to play in the club. He's...

    Level C: Đề 16

    1. It is usually better not to ________ things, in case they are not returned. (A) lend (B) offer (C) borrow (D) lose 2. It's six years now since the Socialists came to ________ in that country. (A) power (B) force (C) control (D) command 3. He was killed in a car ________. (A) blow (B) crash (C) flash (D) hit 4. It's nearly two years since I last ________ to a dentist. (A) have been going (B) have gone (C) went (D) had gone 5. The civil servant ________...

    Level C: Đề 15

    1. There's something wrong with my watch: it's ________ fifteen minutes in the last twelve hours. (A) won (B) progressed (C) advanced (D) gained 2. If you are ________ to customers, they'll walk out of the shop. (A) brush (B) rough (C) rude (D) rusty 3. The air in the house felt cold and ________ after weeks of bad weather. (A) wet (B) moist (C) damp (D) watery 4. Is it worth waiting for a table at this restaurant or shall we go ________ else? (A) anywhere (B) otherwise (C)...

    Level C: Đề 14

    1. I can't understand how your father managed to ________ that man. He had deceived all the rest of us. (A) see against (B) see through (C) see to (D) see out 2. Our car is much older ________ than yours. (A) model (B) pattern (C) manufacture (D) form 3. I ________ in bed all night thinking about it. (A) laid (B) lay (C) led (D) lied 4. According to the doctor, there's absolutely nothing the ________ with you. (A) wrong (B) problem (C) matter (D) illness 5. I looked...

    Level C: Đề 13

    1. They have ________ the old castle and it is now a luxury hotel. (A) transformed (B) undone (C) remade (D) constructed 2. I ________ so much last night: I feel terrible. (A) shouldn't have eaten (B) mustn't have eaten (C) needn't have eaten (D) didn't have to eat 3. He stole one of the officers' uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ________ as a guard. (A) by (B) out (C) through (D) off 4. ________ we set off in the next few minutes, we'll be there in...

    Level C: Đề 12

    1. - Grace: I wish your parents invite us for holiday. - Monty: They can't. They have ________ to accommodate us and the children too. (A) such a small house (B) a too small house (C) very small a house (D) too small a house 2. When they had ________ the new carpet, the workmen went back to the office. (A) laid (B) lain (C) lied (D) been lying 3. It will ________ be Christmas. (A) soon (B) fast (C) quick (D) next 4. Do be careful not to ________...

    Level C: Đề 11

    1. Her husband treated her badly. I'm surprised she ________ it for so long. (A) put up with (B) put off (C) put through (D) put up 2. The bank manager ________ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible. (A) warned (B) advised (C) suggested (D) approved 3. Oxfam tries to send food to countries where people are suffering ________ malnutrition. (A) for (B) by (C) from (D) of 4. If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ________ clearer. (A) wrote (B) made ...

    Level C: Đề 10

    1. English people are thought ________ less friendly than people from the Mediterranean. (A) to be (B) been (C) be (D) being 2. - Mary: Would you give this note to Mr Tomlinson, please? - Ross: Sorry, I can't. He doesn't ________. (A) any more work here (B) any longer work here (C) work any more here (D) work here any longer 3. A few days after hitting his arm, he had a large black ________. (A) break (B) cut (C) swelling (D) bruise 4. This is not the right...