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    Going to private tutoring classes inevitable for students

    – There are many tricks teachers can play to force students to their private tutoring classes, even though the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has prohibited teachers to give extra classes to primary school students.

    Phuong Loan, a parent whose son is a fourth grader of a primary school in Cau Giay district in Hanoi, said the MOET’s ban just exists on paper, while her son still has to goes to the extra classes run by the teachers, though he would rather spend free time on relaxing than learning.

    Loan said that her son goes to a special class, which comprises of the selected excellent students. The teachers here require deep knowledge from students. Therefore, if students do not attend extra classes, they would not be able to do the difficult school works to be assigned by the teachers.

    A lot of other parents have also complained that it takes them too much time and efforts to help their children fulfill the school works, because the mathematics curriculums are too heavy for primary school student.

    Phan Xuan, the mother of a 7th grader of the Vietnam-Algeria Secondary School in Thanh Xuan district, said her son has to go to extra classes in math, literature, English and physics every week run by his school teachers. Besides, the boy also attends other private tutoring classes in English and math. As such, the boy’s learning schedule is very busy and he has lessons all the time.

    A group of parents sent a letter to Nguoi lao dong’s Editorial Board, saying that the teacher of their children, the students of the Luong The Vinh School in Thu Duc district, has suggested that students should go to her private tutoring classes. Meanwhile, the parents cannot understand why the children should learn so hard and what the teacher would do in the classes.

    In fact, some parents admitted that they bring their children to extra classes in a “voluntary basis.” The problem is that if students do not attend the classes, they would not pass the exams.

    Hoang Xuan Sinh, a math professor, said one day she accidentally read the semester exam’s math questions of her niece and she got so surprised because the questions were too difficult.

    Her niece could not do the questions, and neither her classmates. “With the current ways of teaching and raising questions, every student has to attend extra classes to pass exams,” Sinh came to a conclusion.

    Pham Hong, who lives in Dong Da district in Hanoi, said he has to spend time to bring his son to private tutoring classes every day to prepare for the university entrance exams, saying that no one would pass the exams if they do not receive more knowledge from extra classes.

    Meanwhile, an educator, who was an MOET’s official, has noted that students have to attend extra classes simply because they cannot get sufficient knowledge from daily lessons and they cannot read textbooks because the textbooks are written in the academic way.

    The headmaster of a primary school frankly said that students would only stop going to extra classes when the textbooks are re-compiled and renovated. He said the current curriculums are too heavy that students would not catch up with the curriculums if they don’t attend extra classes.

    Explaining why teachers “like giving extra lessons to students,” the headmaster of a primary school in HCM City said teachers need to take extra jobs because they need extra income. Therefore, he closes his eyes to the extra classes run by his teachers.


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