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    Vietnam becomes “job paradise” for English native speakers

    – Foreign language centers have never before had so many foreign teachers. The increasingly high demand for foreign English teachers has turned Vietnam into a promising land for many English native speakers.

    There are two reasons that make Vietnam become the destination for many foreigners, who like traveling and want to make money. It is very easy to find a job as an English teacher in Vietnam because of the very high demand in the country. And secondly, the subsistence allowance is very low in Vietnam.

    The country is the place where the demand and supply can easily meet each other. Vietnamese students now tend to learn English with foreign teachers rather than Vietnamese teachers. Meanwhile, foreign teachers find Vietnamese students and their parents friendly who can bring them stable income.

    The hospitable land

    Susan, an US teacher, said she arrived in HCM City in October 2011 and stayed idle for one month only before she got a job as an English teacher at a prestigious foreign language training center.

    She said frankly, that it was so easy to find a job in Vietnam and that she did not have to spend too much time and efforts to find the job.

    Susan said that teaching English is just a short term job which helps her earn money for the time being. However, the monthly income of 1700 dollars a month from the job of English teacher, Susan can live very well in Vietnam.

    Andrea B, a US teacher at a big English center, also said she can live well with the job of teaching English in HCM City, and that she feels better with the life in HCM City than in South Korea, though she has been staying in HCM City for eight months only.

    The woman, recalling the days in South Korea, said English teachers here were treated like robots and they were always asked to work harder. Meanwhile, she feels more convenient and flexible in Vietnam.

    Michael Tatarski from the US, admitted that he won’t easily find a teaching job in Europe, because everyone can speak English there.

    Therefore, he feels happy with the job as an English teacher in HCM City with which he can earn 1300-1400 dollars a month, the salary he won’t get if he goes to a European country.

    Most of polled foreign teachers said they can earn from 800 dollars to over 2000 dollars a month from the job of teaching English, depending on the number of teaching hours.

    One of them affirmed that the total income may be up to 2500 dollars a month, if she has more teaching hours.

    She also said one of the reasons that makes HCM City a favorite destination for many US people, is that while they can earn much money, they only have to pay a little to cover the basic needs of their lives, because everything is much cheaper in HCm City.

    Rusty Massie from Virginia State in the US said he came to HCM City in 2009 after spending six years teaching English in Czech Republic, where he earned 1200-1400 dollars.

    Here in HCM City he earns 1500-2000 dollars and he feels better than in Czech because everything is very cheap in Vietnam, from house rent, meals to Internet service fee.

    In fact, he can expect higher income if he goes to China or South Korea, but he would also have to spend more money because everything is very expensive in the countries.


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